Pokémon Fire Red GameShark & Gameboy Advance Codes

The classic console games are still popular among arcade game lovers. There are millions of people who have the Game Boy gaming console. Those who do not have the gaming console make use of the Game Boy Emulator for PC, Android, and iOS along with SIMS 3 cheat codes and secrets. Millions of people use the gaming console emulators to feel the nostalgia and play the old games. Pokemon Fire Red is one such fantastic game that the people still prefer playing. It’s the graphic-intensive remake of the original pokemon games made for the GameBoy Emulators. The Pokemon Fire Red was made for the Game Boy Advance console.

If you had the Game Boy Advance console, you might have played it back in the days. Well, it was an amazing experience playing the same on the original gaming console. Nowadays, we don’t have the GBA or Game Boy Advance consoles in the market, as the company has ceased production. But we do have the Game Boy Advance emulators, which allow us to Play Pokemon Fire Red games on PC, Android, or iOS devices. The emulators’ unique feature allows us to utilize the Pokemon Fire Red Cheat and codes to enhance the gameplay.

Pokémon Fire Red GameShark & Gameboy Advance Codes

The custom game ROMS can be used with the GameBoy Emulators on PC, Android, and Windows. After loading the Pokemon Fire Red ROM in the emulator, you can play the game pretty easily. If you are a lover of the classic Pokemon Series games, you’ll find the ways to load the game in an emulator and then use the Pokemon Fire Red Cheats and console commands. In this post, we will share every bit of information we have about the Pokemon Fire Red cheats and console commands. You’ll get to know about the different cheat codes and commands for the game and also learn how to enable the cheats in the emulator itself.

Pokemon Fire Red Cheats and Console Commands

There are hundreds of Pokemon Fire Red Cheats GBA for emulators. You can use them and access a ton of unknown features and abilities while playing the game. Although using cheats in online games is prohibited, we can use the same for offline gameplay. Using the pokemon fire red console commands and accessing the secret items and locations improves the gameplay. Here are some working pokemon fire red cheat codes that you can use to access the hidden features.

Secret Locations in Pokemon Fire Red

There are a few secret locations in the Pokemon Fire red game. You can visit the locations to get the surprises and check out the easter eggs. Here are a few secret locations in the game that you should visit and check out the available chests, coins, and in-game items.

Item Location
Sacred Ash Navel Rock Near the Ho-Oh’s Location.
Soothe Bell Mr. Fuji’s Pokemon Tower
Macho Brace Giovanni’s Viridian Gym
Leftovers Near Cycling Road and Silence Bridge

Pokemon Fire Red Cheat Codes GameShark

The Gameshark cheat cartridges were quite popular back in the days. With the Gameshark accessories, the players could activate the cheat codes and access the hidden treasures and locations in the game. For the GameBoy Advance Emulators, we do have the same feature. We can enable the cheat codes option and start using the cheats. Here are a few gameplay cheats for the Pokemon Fire Red and also Pokemon Leaf Green.

Cheat Use Cheat Code
Faster Leveling 72024A64 0001

82024BEC 01F4

Infinite PP 42023C08 6363

00000002 0002

Infinite Cash 82025838 104E

8202583A E971

Infinite Items 42025C96 0063

00000014 0004

No Random Battles A202166E FF00

820255AC 0000

Get all Pokeballs 420259D8 0001

0001000C 0004

420259DA 5212

0000000C 0004

Get All Badges 8202658C FFFF
Get National Pokedex 3202461F 00B9

32026590 0001

82026644 6258

Complete all Pokedex 4202462C FFFF

0000003C 0002

42025BA0 FFFF

0000001A 0002

42028FC0 FFFF

0000001A 0002

Cheat Codes to Maximize Pokemon Game Stats

The pokemons can be upgraded by doing a certain activity. Be it collecting the in-game items, feeding the pokemon, training them, or doing other things. But with these cheat codes, you can immediately upgrade the stats of all of the pokemons pretty easily. Here are the working cheat codes to maximize pokemon stats in the game.

Cheat Use Cheat Code
Pokemon 1 Stats 420242DA 03E7

00000007 0002

Pokemon 2 Stats 4202433E 03E7

00000007 0002

Pokemon 3 Stats 420243A2 03E7

00000007 0002

Pokemon 4 Stats 420243A2 03E7

00000007 0002

Pokemon 5 Stats 420243A2 03E7

00000007 0002

Pokemon 6 Stats 420243A2 03E7

00000007 0002

Pokemon Fire Red Walk Through Walls Cheats

Walking through the walls and teleporting to the desired location is considered the superpower in real life. But in the game, you can activate the same with the help of cheat codes. Warping and Teleporting are a few hidden features of the Pokemon Fire Red game. You can enable them and teleport to any location in the game with the help of these warp cheat codes for pokemon.

Location Cheat Code
Birth Island 554D9257


Navel Rock 6AADAC54


Mount Ember 23ADAABA


Seafoam Islands BC4AFF82


Power Plant EA5BB107


One Island A6A339F5


Unlock all – Flying Ability 42026592 FFFF

00000007 0002

These are all the working pokemon fire red cheat codes and console commands you can use. Each cheat code has different uses so that you can enable the new feature.

How To Use Pokemon Fire Red Cheats On MyBoy Emulator On Android

Just like the PC, there are some of the most popular GBA emulators on Android. If you like to Play Game Boy Advance games on your Android device, you will find the ways to enable the cheating. With the step-by-step procedure, you’ll learn how to use the Pokemon Fire Red cheat, my boy, on your Android smartphone. Here is the exact procedure to use the provided cheats on MyBoy Emulator on Android.

  • First of all, open the MyBoy Emulator on your device and load the Pokemon Fire Red ROM.

Cheat Codes On Game Boy Advance

  • After loading the game, open the emulator menu by tapping the three horizontal bars in the top left corner. Now, tap on Cheats to open the Cheats Panel.

Cheat Codes On Game Boy Advance

  • Tap on the New Cheat Button to start adding the new cheats to your device.

Cheat Codes On Game Boy Advance

  • Enter the cheat name, cheat code, and then tap on OK. After that, tap on the Save option from the top-right menu.

Cheat Codes On Game Boy Advance

  • Enter as many cheats you want on the menu and press Back to resume the game. The game will resume with the provided cheat codes.

Cheat Codes On Game Boy Advance

How to Use Cheat Codes on Visual Boy Advance Emulator on PC?

There are hundreds of GameBoy Advance emulator programs for PC. But the Visual Boy Advance is the most popular amongst all. You can enable the cheat codes and console commands on the visual boy advance emulator for pc. In this section, we are going to provide the exact method to use the cheat codes on the Visual Boy Advance GBA emulator on PC.

  • First of all, open the Visual Boy Emulator program on your PC.
  • After that, load the Pokemon Fire Red ROM from File -> Open and select the ROM File.

Cheat Codes On Visual Boy Advance

  • Once the game ROM is loaded, click on the Cheats -> Cheats List option from the top menu. After that, click on GameShark and click OK.

Cheat Codes On Visual Boy Advance

  • Now, you have to enter the cheats manually. Use the list of Pokemon Fire Red Cheat codes from the above list.
  • Click on the Code Button and then add the cheats manually. You can name each cheat and paste the cheat code below. After entering the code, click OK to save the cheat code.

Cheat Codes On Visual Boy Advance

  • You have to repeat the procedure multiple times and enter all of the required cheat codes in the emulator. Click on OK to save the cheats and resume the game.

Cheat Codes On Visual Boy Advance

  • As the game loads, you’ll get access to all of the Pokemon Leaf Green and Fire Red cheats and codes.

Final Words

The Pokemon console games made for the Game Boy consoles were in trend back in the days. They are still popular amongst the majority of the people. As the game boy console production is ceased, the people are opting for the emulator. Using the emulator, we can load up the game on our computer or the smartphone with ease. You landed on this article because you were willing to check out some of the Pokemon Fire Red cheats codes for gameplay. Well, playing the game itself is a fun activity. But playing the game with the cheat codes gives you added leverage.

You can explore a lot of hidden places, access hidden treasures, walk through walls, and do many things. Having an advantage in the game will help you explore the game and play it with extreme proficiency. I hope you’ve liked the pokemon GameBoy cheat codes GameShark. If you are having any issues or want some more cheat codes, make sure to use the comment box below.

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